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Cam model

Source: Islive 2020

What can I earn with webcam work?

So you want to work as a webcam model? Then you’re making a good choice! You can be your own boss and organize your own days and hours that you want to work. But what are the merits of a webcam model? It is nice to know that you can earn a lot of money with this if you regularly sit behind the webcam. You could just start earning more than 10,000 euros! But the sun rises for nothing, of course you have to do something for it! You will not immediately earn this amount.

To get to this amount you have to start webcamming regularly. Only then will your income increase. Because the more often you start webcamming, the more people will watch you. Some customers keep coming back when you turn on your webcam. This is how you build up a regular customer base. Below we will make a calculation of what you can earn.

What are the earnings for a webcam model?

Of course, what you will earn depends largely on yourself. Visitors choose who they want to cam with. You can earn at least € 0.20 per minute per visitor, but this can increase considerably due to the various earning options. Which these are are described below. Of course we keep track of exactly how much you earn and pay these amounts 3x per month (*provided you have a European bank account) neatly into your bank account. If you have a non-European bank account, you will be paid once a month.

Earn money with Chatting and Camming

The revenues stated below are revenues per visitor per minute. So if you chat or cam on our platform with 10 visitors at the same time, you can multiply these amounts by 10. We also offer visitors a number of functions that allow you to earn a lot extra. So this can add up!

Revenue per visitor per minute: € 0.20
For every 60 credits that a visitor wants to cam with you, you will be paid 0.20 euro cents.

Revenue per message received: € 0.20
In this way you can also receive and send personal messages outside of chatting.

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Working as a webcam model means:

  • High earnings
  • Decide for yourself when you work
  • No obligations, you are not committed to anything
  • Earn money with the internet, and say goodbye to your boss
  • Determine your own limits
  • Receive payment 3x per month
  • Insight into your earnings

What are the additional earning opportunities?

Not only do you earn from visitors who chat with you on our platform, but we also offer visitors a number of other features from which you can earn a lot extra.

  • Tips & Cybertoy tips: minimum € 0.20 each Visitors can give you tips or cybertoy tips. You should see this as a tip because they like you and/or want to operate your interactive toy. Visitors can give you as many tips as they want. So if a visitor tips you 600 credits in 1 go, you earn € 2 extra within 1 second! Visitors have 3 options to tip: 60 cr = €0.20, 300 cr = €1 and 600 cr = €2.
  • 1on1 VIP: € 0.80 per minute You can turn the 1 on 1 VIP chat on or off during camming. If your VIP function is on, visitors can request a VIP chat from you. In a VIP chat you earn at least 4 times what you normally earn, namely € 0.80 per minute! That can add up very quickly!
  • Promotion: € 0.29 per minute
    To promote is to advertise your profile. This lets new visitors know that they can chat with you or others on our platform. Performers achieve the most success through their own Twitter page, a personal Facebook page, Skype, through mailings or creating their own fun website / blog. In short: wherever a lot of people come, it is wise to place your URL. If a new visitor pays through your link, you will receive an extra bonus/commission of no less than € 0.29 per minute. This is regardless of whether a visitor is chatting with you or someone else!

So you see that you can earn a lot of extras if you get started via our platform.

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Signing up is completely free! You can immediately start earning an above-average income!